#AMW2020 Phygital Edition / June 16-21, 2020

Technopolis City of Athens and MESO Events are pleased to present, for the second year in a row, Athens Music Week, from 16 to 21 of June. This time, in a brand-new… phygital version!

The second edition of AMW combines the physical with the digital world, to present a one-of-a-kind international meeting of 19 countries, featuring 50 distinguished delegates and speakers of the local and global music industry, and 28 solo artists/bands from across Europe!

The program includes an International Music Conference with panel-discussions, presentations, webinars, artist showcases, and live Q&A sessions as well a special surprise event celebrating European Music Day!

The program of Athens Music Week:

Panels Topics

Live gigs and touring in the era of covid-19: how do managers, booking agents and festivals respond to the travel ban and audience restrictions? Online concerts or phygital festivals: is it the new trend? But what about the live music experience? How can artists and music professionals be supported today? How can you promote your music business in the current situation, access new markets, make new connections?

50 experts talk about it all! Distinguished professionals of the music sector, delegates from European networks, conferences and festivals, along with representatives of the Greek music industry, discuss and share their thoughts and experiences.

The Panels will be livestreamed, and followed by online Q&A sessions with the speakers.

Panel Discussions:

  • Audience restrictions, travel ban: What options do artists, musicians and bands have to present their music?
  • Innovation in Music: Is it a question of mind-set, of tools? Both?
  • Networking from home: how can we promote our music business over the next months?
  • Free Streaming is cool, but is there a life vest for artists and music professionals?
  • NextStageChallenge or how a European Music Industry Hackathon was launched during lockdown!
  • Covid-19 makes us rethink business strategy. Are you “updated”? Or should you go back to school?
  • Streaming events and festivals is a forced trend, but what about the “physical” music experience? What can we expect from here on?
  • Divided we fall? Not always! Focus on the initiatives of European networks supporting artists and music professionals.

Supported by HEMI – Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation, a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union

Meet & Greets                                                                  

Meet the music industry innovators, projects and start-ups chosen by  Jump – European Music Market Accelerator:

SENSI (PT) / eCauda (ES) / Groover (FR) / Terrible Merch (UK) / Deep Listening (ΙΤ) / Wetum4kids (PT) / FITCHY (NL) / Self Releasing Artists Network (UK)

A project co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union


New upcoming talent, but also recognized artists and bands present their work – in 15 minutes each. The latest of what the music scenes of Greece, Turkey, Central and Southeast Europe have to show.

Showcases will be livestreamed, and followed by online Q&A sessions with the artists.

Artists (in alphabetical order)

Bratri (CZ) / Byron (RO) / Drums & Voice Jazztronica Duet (GR) / Electro Hafiz (TR) / Fraktale (PL) / Funk Shui (MK) / Gio Melody (GR) / Go-Dratta (IT) / Goodbye Darjeeling (HU) / June Cocó (DE) / Kety Fusco (IT) / Komfortrauschen (DE)  / Kostas Sidirokastritis (GR) / Lena Laki (GR) / Lucia (RO) / Marinho (PT) /Market (CZ) / Mavi Gunes 69 (TR) / Moose (GR) / Nalyssa Green (GR) / Neal Cassady (PL) / Strawberry Pills (GR) / Sirom (SI) / Thomas Konstantinou Ensemble (GR) / Vasko Atanasovski Tri (SI) / Whereswilder (GR) / Evritiki Zygia (GR)

Supported by HEMI – Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation, a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union


Could you use help to create a business plan or a marketing strategy, fill an application for funding, or prepare a presentation? Specialists with long experience in the field offer their know-how, tips and advice to new professionals of the music sector.

Specific topics to be announced soon. The spots are limited, so registration will be required

Supported by JUMP – European Music Market Accelerator, a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union


We visit Thourio village in Orestiada, Thrace, to check out the traditional Thracian Lyra workshop of Alexis Partinoudis. We discover the age-old process of constructing the instrument from natural locally sourced materials, and hear a lot of stories about traditions and customs in Thrace, and the cultural and emotional importance of the historic musical instruments of the region, the lyra, the gaida, the cavali… curious about the sounds yet? Well, Alexis and his friend Stratos Spyros, both members of the traditional Thracian music group Evritiki Zygia, will give you a pretty good idea!

Special Thanks:

Athens Music Week 2020 – Phygital Edition

Athens Music Week is organized by Technopolis City of Athens and NPO MESO Music Events in collaboration with the Hellenic Network of the European Music Day Organizers and in partnership with Association Européenne Fête de la Musique as well as the networks Jump – European Music Market Accelerator and HEMI – Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation, both projects co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

But this special #AMW2020 Phygital edition was made possible also though a unique cross-content and cross-promotional collaboration achieved with the following partners, and we’d like to thank them all for their unconditional trust and their decisive support:

Ad Axem – Software for the Arts (GR), Ameba Productions (CZ), Buero Doering (DE), Conseil de la Musique Wallonie – Bruxelles (BE), Cultural Trend Lisbon (PT), Fête de la Musique Berlin (DE), Gigmit (DE), Gulbaba Music (TR), Idea Ok (NMK), INES – Innovation Network of European Showcase Festivals (EU), Innovathens powered by Samsung (GR), Krakow Music Scene Foundation (PL), Linecheck Festival (IT), Majdnem Híres Rocksuli Music School (HU), Mamazone (HU), Mastering The Music Business (RO), Milano Music Innovation Hub (IT), Mils Lisboa (PT), Nouvelle Prague (CZ), Password Production (NMK), Pin Music Conference (NMK), Praznik Glasbe (SI), Romanian Artists Worldwide (RO), SIGIC (SI), Sound Czech (CZ), Sound Ports Festival Istanbul (TR), Tak Brzmi Miasto Incubator (PL), Wianki (PL) and Un-Convention (UK)

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