Following the first dissemination event of Eleusina (GR) in June 2018, a panel presentation of CCLEP project took place at the Linecheck Music Festival was held yesterday as part of the second edition of Milan Music Week, following the initiative of Assomusica.

The cCLEP! ERASMUS project, funded by the European Community and promoted by the Association in collaboration with PATOU International (FR), MESO(GR), Region Emilia Romagna (IT), EPRALIMA training (PT), and PLASA (United Kingdom), was presented to operators, live event professionals and promoters.

In a general situation in which the entertainment industry suffers from the lack of a systematic approach to the identification and training of professionals, main objective of the project cCLEP! is to obtain official recognition and validation of qualifications, skills and competencies in reference to the professions of the live music events sector. This is Assomusica’s third European initiative and the first devoted to this particular sector.

The association of Italian organizers and producers of musical shows, who face every day many problems related to the classification and recognition of workers in the supply chain, has managed to create an eclectic team of work consisting of : training of professionals, certifiers and experts. A heterogeneous network united with the aim of creating a uniform path and a unique chart of competences that can be applied at European level.

“It is expected that cCLEP! becomes a sort of common thread in training related to workers in the sector, “explains Paolo De Biasi. “Thanks to the collaboration of the region Emilia-Romagna, the first and most avant-garde of this sector, the recognition and certification of professionals belonging to the live music distribution chain took shape for the first time in Italy” .

The project, in the words of Alberto Artese, is aimed at all workers in the live music sector, but aims specifically to supervise three professional personalities: Rigger (Technician in heights), Scaffolder (Technician specialized in the assembly temporary structures) and one of the most decisive profiles from the point of view of management, that of director of production (organizer of technical events).

“As such cCLEP! can provide useful ideas for creating new personalities and updating existing ones, “adds Rossana Rinaldi, director of programming services for education, training and employment policies in the region of Emilia-Romagna , the first to raise public awareness on this subject, applying as a true point of reference on the subject.

Launched in November 2017, the project will end in November 2019 with a new meeting, this time in Rome. During this period, numerous documents will be created to disseminate the results of the project, accompanied by a remarkable activity of dissemination and public comparison, through workshops and round tables bringing together all the public and private components of the project. international industry and entertainment.

Panel Program & participants:

Thursday 22 November, 4.30 – 5.15 pm
Linecheck Music Meeting and Festival – c/o BASE Milano via Bergognone 34

INDUSTRY Recognition, Certification, Training
Presented by cCLEP!/Assomusica
Professional jobs in the entertainment industry have always been missing formal recognition as well as coherence on an international level. This is the first project of its kind in Europe to address these issues.
cCLEP! (Certified Competences for Live Events Professionals) is an Erasmus Plus Project, financed by the European Community, promoted by Assomusica (IT), in collaboration with Patou international (FR), Epralima (PT), Plasa (UK), Meso (GR), Regione Emilia Romagna (IT).

Speeches and speakers:
Assomusica & cCLEPP!: Work, protection and training in the European context of the entertainment industry
Paolo De Biasi- Vicar President of Assomusica and project manager of CCLEP (IT)

cCLEPP!: A project for the international certification of professionals
Alberto Artese – Assomusica Representative for Health & Safety, Professional Training, Licensing, Public Order (IT)

Regione Emilia Romagna: Recognition and Certification, the first important italian experience
Rossana Rinaldi – Official of the Programming Service of Education, Training and Work Policies – Regional Qualifications System – Emilia-Romagna Region (IT)

Paths and training models: the French and Portuguese experiences
Omero Marongiu – Academic director PATOU – ECLEE (FR)
Deolinda Silva -Technician of Guidance, Recognition and Validation of Competencies EPRALIMA (PT)

The technical professions in show business: The International Certification Model of reference
Nicky Greet – Director Membership Skills & Technical PLASA (UK)

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