“Sharing Innovation – Building Bridges”

Join us for Celebrating and Sharing Cultural Innovation!

CULTURAL INNOVATION DAYS will be held between 19th – 21stNovember 2015 in six cities: Alexandria, Amman, Athens, Berlin, Ljubljana and Bochum.

The CIN Events are programmed around the common framing topic “SHARING INNOVATION” while each event will have a different focus: with themes ranging from refuge to gender equality.

Taking place in the local Goethe-Institutes or other external venues, CULTURAL INNOVATION DAYS aim to showcase the projects of the Cultural Innovators Network, to provide an actual space for intercultural dialogue and exchange, to contribute to potential collaborations inside and outside the network, to inform wider public about the importance of cultural innovation and to inspire others to be involved in the CIN cultural projects or launch their own.

Our CIN events are open to anyone who believes that culture is one of the most important tools for interaction, dialogue, self-fulfilment and thus social change.

In addition to providing the public with an open, free space, the CULTURAL INNOVATION DAY in each city will involve artistic performances, music events, film screenings, exhibitions, workshops and one or two debates on issues of contemporary relevance to cultural innovation in the region.

Cultural Innovation Days are a great opportunity for the participants in our new program: “CINBees Journalism for Cultural Policy in Times of Transition” to implement field research as they will be directly part of the local dynamics.

During CIDs, CINBees will conduct interviews with culture makers, organisations, and institutions, so as to get an objective impression about the local cultural landscape, to evaluate, to present and to compare the results in the cultural field and arts sector in Euro-MENA region

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Date: Saturday 21/11/2015

Time: 11:00 – 17:30

Location: Goethe Institut of Athens, Omirou 14-16


CIN aims to promote cultural experimentation and innovation across borders, and sees creativity as a fundamental component of change.

The Cultural Innovators Network is a transnational Euro-Mediterranean network initiated by the Goethe institute in 2012. It aims to promote cultural experimentation and innovation across borders, and sees creativity as a fundamental component of change.

From Cairo to Madrid – Seizing this momentum

The network is unique in bringing together cultural innovators from overlapping domains and sectors – including media, performing arts, visual arts, literature, design, social enterprise, active citizenship and peace work – and facilitating their creative collaboration and mutual learning. Each coming from the cutting-edge of their fields and highly engaged their respective geographical contexts, the members of the network are cross-pollinators and hybridizers, interested in both invention and intervention.

This unique personality of the network has developed through a first selection of participants in 2012, several of whom went on learning journeys in Egypt, Germany and Italy, to the first Forum of over 100 participants in Istanbul at the end of that year. At the core of this project is a group of twenty young, socially involved people. During three “Learning Journeys” to Egypt, Italy and Germany in June and July 2012, they will strengthen their network of motivated individuals and visit a variety of successful citizen-led initiatives. Their impressions and experiences are the basis for the Cultural Innovators Forum taking place in Istanbul in December 2012. In May 2013, the Network has elected its first steering committee and is developing into a structured, democratic, independent and sustainable transnational organization. This first forum led to over 20 pilot projects realized across the Euro-Mediterranean region, a second forum in Hammamet Tunisia in 2013, a third one in Thessaloniki Greece. With the 3rd Forum, CIN opened up membership of the Network for the first time since its creation, and would like to invite you to apply.

Cultural Innovators Network is a project of the Goethe-Institut as part of the German-Egyptian and German-Tunisian Transformation Partnership and is financed by the German Federal Foreign Office.


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