Kalamata, Greece, December 2015

Stepping on the participation of Kalamata at the second and final round of selection for the European Capital of Culture 2021, the city makes an effort to be even more extrovert!

Besides Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship are words that form part of the new crisis-jargon in the cultural sphere and beyond in what is globally now called the ‘creative economy’. It is in this context, that the Conference “Messinia: Building on Tradition and Cultures to Create Development” was held in KALAMATA Elite Hotel on December the 2nd.

The event aimed to highlight and promote the contemporary identity of Messinia, the wealth of traditions, the Messinian products, history and culture as well as their effects over time, society and economy of the region. Besides, Messinia has proven impact creative to the identity of the country, culturally and economically, contributing greatly to the preservation of the productive and social fabric.

The discussions focused on the assets and the cultural tools of Messinia Region that can support local development and Tourism including Cultural Events, Creative economy or even religious tourism as factors of development and promotion of Messinian culture.


Conference Programme:

Wednesday, December 2 – Hotel Elite
Subject: “Messinia: Building Traditions and the civilizations Creating Development”

-Petros Tatoulis, prefect Peloponnese
-Panagiotis Nikas, Kalamata mayor
-Konstantinos Masselos, Rector University of Peloponnese

– Venerable Metropolitan Chrysostomos: “Religious tourism as a factor of development and promotion of Messinian culture “.
– George Perot, founder NPO M.E.S.O, Founder and President EURICCA: “The use of Cultural Creativity as a tool for local development”

– Hector Tsatsoulis, Executive Director KALAMATA: “Kalamata European Capital of Culture 2021 claim file”
– Dimitris Touliatos, Cultural event manager / marketing manager Organization Patras Cultural Capital 2006: “Experiences and findings”
– Thanasis Kyriazopoulos, business consultant: “The cultural and creative sector of the economy and the support and development policies’
– Sophia Kapetanaki, curator of Folklore of Kalamata Greek Women Lyceum, assistant professor of the University of Peloponnese Philology: “From the collection of authentic costumes to the establishment of a museum for the city of Kalamata”
– Dr. Foreign Arapogianni, Honorary Curator of Antiquities, Director of Excavations of Ancient Thourias: “Archaeological Treasures of Messinia. Protection, Promotion, Promotion”
– Peter Themelis Archaeology Professor of History and University of Crete, responsible Ancient Messina excavations vice “frieze”
– Nikos Zacharias, chairman of the Archaeology Department of History and Cultural Resources Management: “Universities and Development. The contribution of the University of Peloponnese Messinia »
– Dimitri Maniatis, president of the Chamber of Messinia: “Alternative forms of tourism and its contribution to regional development”

Moderators: Andreas Vris journalist / Evi Kontaxi, economist


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