Krakow, Poland 11-12 November 2016

MESO Events partner of the Tak Brzmi Miasto Show case Conference 2016 .

TAK BRZMI MIASTO or HEAR THE CITY 2016 is an EXPORT Conference & Festival that aims to offer everything needed to Polish Music Professionals (and not only) to concquer the world with their music!

Held on the 11&12 of November 2016, in Cracow, Poland, at the Skład Długa Venue, TAK BRZMI MIASTO tried to provide the most efficient way to export your music.

With almost 30 panel discussion, seminars, lectures and presentations musicians had the chance to hear all about it from international experts – musicians, festival organizers, managers, journalists, labels.

In a world that is becoming more and more interconnected, discussions were an absolute must for young artists and professionals who seek useful networking for promoters, managers and artists; the kind of networking that grass root talents should look for; how to generate marketing assets?

Many questions that were answered by more than 25 foreign and 30 polish music professionals. And once they were all there, organisers just had to use this opportunity to present Cracow’s best bands and venues…



Besides, the real value of a music industry professional lies in personal connections; connections that leverage industry-wide experience, that fast track best-practise, and enable cost reduction and extended audiences through partnerships and co-promotion.


Shot from the panel on November the 12th with (from left to right), Dijana Lakus (ROPE network), Márton Naray (represented Czech Music OfficeEuropean Music Day Association), Georges Perot (represented the European Music Day, European Live Music Association), Jake Beaumont-Nessbit from IMMF – International Music Managers Forum, Virgo Sillamaa (ROPE network, Music Estonia) and Michal Wojcik from Krakow Music Scene Foundation .


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