An essential initiative for the local music community which aims to support, network and highlight  new local musical talent, #OTGmusicforum  addresses new bands as well as professionals and music lovers who think dialogue and networking can revive the local scene.

For two days, through speeches, panel discussions and participatory workshops, the goal is to create a network of mutual support among the participants so that their work develops. 

At the end of each day, we will enjoy live  dynamic and diverse bands with music that is being created next to us, with upcoming concerts proposed by the concert and cultural venues: six dogs (Athens), Lab Art (Volos), Les Yper Yper (Thessaloniki ), Connector (Patra).

With the support of the NPO MESO Events and the participation (among others) of Angeliki Georgokosta Georges Perot Nancy Angelopoulou Kafka Takes Notes Nikos Barpakis #jjpalis #mariamarkouli #NIMPE #mesoevents#Europeanlivemusicassociation

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