We did it! We won a Creative Europe Culture Sub-programme ‘Support for European cooperation projects’ 2019 EACEA-34-2018 – Larger scale cooperation projects (COOP2) !

With a Cluster based Music consortium including 9 EU countries and 10 partners we did manage the impossible: win a large scale #creativeeurope with an amazingly good rate and only positive feed back on all topics!

Everything started at PIN Music Conference 2017 when #MESOEvents
European Music Day and Idea O.K. Training & Consulting started discussing the possibility for submitting an application for the Creative Europe Cooperative Projects…

One year later and countless hours of project development we created HEMI – Hubs for the Exchange of Music Innovation in Central and Southeastern Europe. Creative Europe just informed us that they will make a joint investment (grant), totaling almost 2 million euros, in the Central and Southeastern European music industry!

Athens Music Week was premonitory and the best is yet to come! In combination with JUMP – European Music Market Accelerator and the #HEMI project (Hubs for the Exchange of Music Innovation in Central and SouthEastern Europe) we will make sure that music in this side of the old continent …moveseurope!

Congrats to Idea O.K. Training & Consulting Password Production Exit FestivalSoundCzech Majdnem Híres Rocksuli Music Estonia Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe Tak Brzmi Miasto Mastering the Music Business Sigic European Music Day and of course to Τεχνόπολη Δήμου Αθηναίων – Technopolis City of Athens and Innovathens for believing in the project and taking the lead!!!!

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