The aims of the Conference is to inform, primarily the relevant stakeholders (national actors, local government), but also entrepreneurs, businessmen and citizens of the city, about the dynamic and economic prospects offered by the creative industries derived from the Cultural sector. A specific example which gave rise to this workshop will be Musical Clusters and Athens Musical Networks.

Additionally, the various workshop will illustrate the ways by which the above can become engineers of growth, collectivity and extroversion in order to achieve the first stage of mapping of the cultural industries through interactive discussion among politicians, experts and entrepreneurs who will present data, problems, challenges and effective ways to overcome the post-Olympics difficulties.

The ultimate purpose is the social cohesion that can be achieved under the vision of culture in order to pave the path that will yield the desired results for both state and society.

The whole idea is based on a wellcoordinated initiative to design and implement a permanent cooperative mechanism between public and private entities that will strengthen the productive tissue of local communities in metropolitan Athens, which van benefit the whole of Attica.

Furthermore, as you will see from the program, it is designed to capture the consistency and connection between people (creative talent), economy (creative industries and entrepreneurs) and places (creative quarters, or the very idea of the creative city) – concurrently.

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