Following the collaboration between ASBL EURICCA, MESO Events and CulturePolis regarding the use of Culture as a tool for Touristic development, the first results of the European project Divertimento  were successfully presented during the World Tourism Fair ITB, which was held on 8-12 March 2017 in Berlin.

Georges Perot attended on behalf of the consortium to underline the connections between CCI, Cultural Entrepreneurship, heritage and alternative touristic strategies for the sustainable development of local communities.

The official presentation took place on 08.03.2017 in the Italian pavilion,  thanks to region of Campania’s hospitality. The presentation  was opened by the Italian Minister of Heritage, culture and tourism. During the event,  Aldo di Russo (unicity partner) presented EUROTHENTICA trilogy, including:  “Cultural trails – ibook / epub – heritage games” which  aims to promote 70 destinations with distinctive cultural identity and heritage through the use of new technologies.






Representatives of the partners (Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Roumania, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey) visited the pavilions of the countries participating in the project, showing the project’s potential and meeting with several entrepreneurs and representatives of institutions that requested more information about future use of the results.

Finally, the partners made a formal working meeting on 9/3 and met the Community manager of COSME, Valentino Izzo, with whom they exchanged views on project completion, securing new partnerships, and developing Divertimento’s network of partners.

For more details about Eurothentica and Divertimento trilogy don’t hesitate to contact the European consortium 



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