MESO Events Founder will participate as a key note speaker to the 4th innovation meeting for Employment and Career for graduates in the field of Culture, organised by the Open Univeristy and NEO Analysis Consulting
The Employment and Career Structure of the Greek Open University aims to promote and enhance the careers of students and graduates of the EAP. The organization of such events not only promotes and enhances the work of DASTA and related structures (Liaison Office, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit), but contributes substantially to the guidance and link graduates with the labor market.

In this event, DASTA focuses on graduates employment prospects or parts of their article focuses on culture. The Greek Open University Studies provides four programs focusing on cultural issues.

3 are at the undergraduate level (European Culture Studies, Studies in Greek Culture, Spanish Language and Culture) and one at the graduate level (Cultural Management Units). The event is supported scientifically by the School of Humanities and the School of Social Sciences EAP.
 Specific objectives
The objectives will be implemented through this event, presented briefly below:
– The promotion of studies and research programs is the object of the Foundation
– Promoting Lifelong Learning for students and teachers in the subject
– A strengthening of innovation and business students and alumni
– Employment prospects in the cultural sector
– The presentation of more new data on the labor market for the professions
– Presentation of successful examples and best practices from industry professionals

 Content & Method Implementation
The content will cover the topics the whole spectrum of education and employment of graduates in the field of culture. Particular emphasis will be given to public interaction – speakers.

 Topics
Questions to be answered – Key presentations axes:
– Design of PS- Objectives
– Knowledge and skills gained by APV
– From research to teaching and from university to the labor market
– How the CP substantially enhance the professional / employee
– Can learning be more convenient or more interesting?
– In which areas the greatest demand is observed such qualifications
– Presentation Employment Environment Study & Career 2012 (DASTA)

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