The Social Economy Practice based on NPO “MESO Events” organisation for the European Music Day events, was presented by Mr. Marios Chatzidamianos, Social Cooperative Entrepreneurs Trainer and Counsellor for the Implementation of EU funded Action Plans for Human Resources.

In 13 years of existence, European Music Day became a tool for the local and regional authorities to implement strategies on the development of social entrepreneurship, and for people and organizations involved in the project to understand and develop strategies dealing with new data in professional and social reality.

Through the European Music Day network, main purpose of MESO is to provide educational opportunities, improve participation in local decision making and enable cross sectoral working.

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The project “Mechanism for Enhancement of Synergy among Enterprises and Sustainability”, (MESSE), was approved on 16th of December 2011 by the Steering Committee of the European program INTERREG IVC.

The project seeks to improve the effectiveness of regional development policies for economic growth and quality of social entrepreneurs in Europe. To achieve this ultimate goal, the MESSE project has several sub-goals, among them:

  • to improve the skills and knowledge of policy makers on certain matters such as national and regional schemes for supporting and promoting social entrepreneurship;
  • to find out which regulations and measures enhance this sector as well as to identify unnecessary legal barriers;
  • to allow policy makers to know the most relevant aspects of the legal framework and public policies developed in this sector by each country;
  • to increase the capacity of policy makers and local stakeholders in the detection of social entrepreneurs’ needs and the identification of strategies and best practices encouraging the support and innovation of social entrepreneurs;
  • to raise the number and type of tools available in each territory to promote social entrepreneurship models that meet the needs of the local community by identifying and testing of new approaches and the use of joint work and cooperation between sectors.

The project’s duration spans from 1 January 2012 until 31 December 2014.

The partnership involves nine countries and is made up of the following entities:
Veneto Region (Lead Partner, Italy); Decentralized Administration of Attica (Greece); Regional Ministry for Health and Social Welfare (Andalusia, Spain); Romanian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, (Romania); Pannon Network Business Association (Hungary); Sofia Municipality (Bulgaria);  Sweden East Region (Sweeden); Adult Education Centre of Hannover (Germany); and Community action Hampshire (United Kingdom).


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