ROMA, 19th of May 2016

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Assomusica (the Italian Association of Live Music Shows Producers and Organizers) and during the General ASsembly, Assomusica organised an open discussion on the 19th of May concerning the future of live music sector (la Musica Dal Vivo).

The meetings which were held under the auspices of the European Commission – Directorate General for Education and Culture – Culture and creativity included topics on 1) Mobility of artists and internalization of Live music professionals 2) Harmonization and best practices sharing – security (for people and for artist…)-, ticketing, tax issues…  and the needs of 3) Initial mapping exercise and permanent data gathering activity from the whole EU 28 countries’ live music industry stakeholders.

Panel discussion and Symposium programme:



The meeting was an opportunity to present the European Live Music Association (ELMA) during the General Assembly of the members of Assomusica, and to organise a preparatory discussion on the legal Statutes of ELMA, with the participation of the foudning members, Vincenzo Spera – Presidente Assomusica, Prof. Jens Michow – President BDV – Federal German Association for the Promoters and Event Business / Seniorpartner law firm “Michow & Partner Rechtsanwälte” (Germany), Georges Perot – Founder & Managing Director MESO Music Events / National Coordinator of the European Music Day Network (Greece) and Marton Naray (CEO Common Creation / Nouvelle Vague Show Case Conference).

Video from the conference:

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