Militos S.A. in collaboration with the Social Enterprise for Education and Lifelong Learningknowl, the Academy of Entrepreneurship and the lab for professional life, aelia present “knowledge shots” a different, innovative, dynamic and imaginative workshop that shares, transfers and transmits knowledge.

20 knowledge shots x 7 minutes each
20 distinguished speakers x 7 minutes presentation
An innovative, dynamic and imaginative workshop of knowledge and empowerment
A unique learning experience


20 distinguished speakers will inspire and share practical yet essential knowledge with the audience, in strictly 7 minutes each. It is an unprecedented rally of true knowledge sharing of ideas, insights and practical advice for all those who want to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure.

It is different as it challenges the speakers to perform to-the-point, under strict time limit, creates conditions for change and empowerment and provides learning tools for professional and entrepreneurial development. “Knowledge shots” brings speakers, literally, at the very same level with their audience: Participants sit in circles around the speaker. No stage, no podium, no visual means available. Speakers do not dictate they just narrate and share.  Only music stops the speaker when ‘knowledge shot’ reaches the 7th min sharp. And the next speaker takes the lead.


The workshop develops through a set of interlinked and complementary themes, each one presented in a way that reveals something new and useful to the audience: How to communicate with the media as entrepreneurs, how to write an effective press release, how to use mass yet personalized e-mailing, tips to develop strategies, the roots of mentoring and how to develop our strengths, ways to form and formulate business ideas, how to make impact on social media and much more… to be presented on the day.

Nowadays investment in extending one’s knowledge is often considered a luxury, especially through the financial crisis Greece is experiencing. “knowledge shots” comes to remind us and insist that knowledge is power. And sharing knowledge is empowering for all.

“Knowledge shots” is an innovative knowledge sharing model developed by Militos S.A. (

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